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Malzberg, Barry N.

Barry Nathaniel Malzberg (born 1939) is an American writer and editor, most often of science fiction and fantasy.

  • Malzberg, Barry N.

    Guernica Night

    Who can resist the Final Trip? Earth in the twenty-third century is adorned with corpses as suicides ravage a dehumanised population, compelled to live, or merely exist, in segregated complexes. Despite the technical wizardry of the Church of the Epiphany and the dictates of the unseen rulers, more and more people seek the ultimate exit. One man probes the social disease, but he too fights that dreadful and permanent seduction. If he succumbs, the victory of the Oppressors would be complete
  • Malzberg, Barry N.

    The Remaking of Sigmund Freud

    O Brave New World . . . When man roamed freely among the planets and away to the stars, spacecraft had to carry the best advisers with them, for outside help was usually too far off to do any good in emergencies. And so the android simulacrum was born - a conveniently storable but believably human package which duplicated all the strengths of the Master after whom each was modeled. For centuries a Sigmund Freud was standard equipment on long voyages, but put to little useThen Man met his first etees, and Freud's career entered a new phase - one which would change history forever.