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Stross, Charles

Charles David George "Charlie" Stross (born 18 October 1964) is a British writer of science fiction, Lovecraftian horror and fantasy. He was born in Leeds.

Stross specialises in hard science fiction and space opera. His contemporaries include Alastair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, Liz Williams, Neal Asher and Richard Morgan.

Between 1994 and 2004, he was also an active writer for the magazine Computer Shopper and was responsible for the monthly Linux column. Due to time constraints, he eventually had to stop writing for Computer Shopper so that he could devote more time to his novel-related works. As a consequence, he published all his articles on the Internet.

  • Stross, Charles


    Cyberpunk updated for the 21st century drives this multigenerational science fiction saga, which expands upon a series of stories previously published in Asimov's Science Fiction magazine. Manfred Macx, a visionary e-business and intellectual property entrepreneur taking part in developing technology that allows living beings--lobsters, kittens, and eventually humans--to upload themselves into cyberspace, becomes instrumental, both through his progeny and his ideas, in determining the future of humanity, which may leave biology behind in favor of an entirely virtual existence.
  • Stross, Charles

    Iron Sunrise

    Charles Stross' follow-up to his critically acclaimed Singularity Sky is the story of Wednesday Shadowmist, a sullen teenager who is humanity's only hope of stopping interstellar war.
  • Stross, Charles


    In the twenty-seventh century, accelerated technology dictates the memories and personalities of people. With most of his own memories deleted, Robin enters The Glasshouse-an experimental polity where he finds himself at the mercy of his own unbalanced psyche.
  • Stross, Charles

    Halting State

    Now in paperback—from the author of Saturn’s Children.In the year 2018, a daring bank robbery has taken place at Hayek Associates. The suspects are a band of marauding orcs, with a dragon in tow for fire support, and the bank is located within the virtual reality land of Avalon Four. But Sergeant Sue Smith discovers that this virtual world robbery may be linked to some real world devastation.
  • Stross, Charles

    The Jennifer Morgue

    The name is Howard. Bob Howard. Please don't hurt me... Bob Howard, geekish demonology hacker for The Laundry, must stop a ruthless billionaire from unleashing an eldritch horror, codenamed "Jennifer Morgue" from the ocean's depths for the purpose of ruling the world...
  • Stross, Charles

    Singularity Sky

    Four hundred years in the future, time travel has been perfected and groundbreaking developments in Artificial Intelligence have been made. But is this a great step forward for humanity--or its ultimate downfall?
  • Stross, Charles

    Saturn's Children

    Freya Nakamichi-47 is a femmebot, one of the last of her kind still functioning. With no humans left to pay for the pleasures she provides, she agrees to transport a mysterious package from Mercury to Mars—only to become hunted by some very powerful humanoids who will stop at nothing to possess the contents of the package.