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  • Kennedy, Leigh

    The Journal of Nicholas the American

    College student Nicholas Dal shares the family talent, or curse - he is a tele-empath, a man who experiences the emotions of other people. Too-powerful emotion can induce seizures. To stay sane he must live alone and dull his senses with vodka. In the past the ability has led to insanity, persecution and murder, but now a psychiatrist is on Nicholas' tail and his feelings for a fellow student threaten to break through his isolation. Will he risk his love, his sanity and his life to be with Susanne on her journey past the edge of existence?
  • Morrow, James

    This is the Way the World Ends

    The Gulliver’s Travels of the nuclear age, the Alice in Wonderland of the arms race, this mordantly funny and visionary tale of the apocalypse was a Nebula finalist. The trouble starts when George Paxton ingenuously signs an admission of complicity in starting World War III. “The only book in the last ten years that I’ve read twice...a remarkable achievement” (Arthur C. Clarke).
  • Kessel, John

    Good News From Outer Space

    As the calendar counts down the months to the year 2000, millennial fever takes hold in the United States. George Eberhart, reporter for the biggest tabloid in the world, is on the track of what might be the story of the century--he has evidence that there really are aliens on planet Earth.
  • Resnick, Mike

    Ivory: A Legend of Past and Future

    The ivory of the animal known only as the Kilimanjaro Elephant is the object of a galaxy wide search by Duncan Rojas, a researcher, and Bukoba Mandaka, the last Maasai. The epic novel covers all the lives the ivory touches and alters over the next six millennia as Rojas and Mandaka search for it across both the eons and the galaxy, and the purpose of that search is finally unveiled. Ivory: A Legend of Past and Future was a Nebula nominee for Best Novel in the United States, and a Clarke nominee for Best Novel in England.
  • Yolen, Jane

    Sister Light, Sister Dark

    Raised on a mountainside, Jenna learned the arts of the warrior, and from the mountain women the magic of the ancient lore. But the greatest magic of all was her ability to call forth her dark sister from the depths of the mirror of the land of light and shadow.

    Skada was the dark one, able to exist only when the moonlight cast a shadow or lamplight flickered in a darkened room.

    This is the story of Jenna and Skada. Sister Light and Sister Dark.
  • Martin, Valerie

    Mary Reilly

    From the acclaimed author of the bestselling Italian Fever comes a fresh twist on the classic Jekyll and Hyde story, a novel told from the perspective of Mary Reilly, Dr. Jekyll's dutiful and intelligent housemaid. Faithfully weaving in details from Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, Martin introduces an original and captivating character: Mary is a survivor–scarred but still strong–familiar with evil, yet brimming with devotion and love. As a bond grows between Mary and her tortured employer, she is sent on errands to unsavory districts of London and entrusted with secrets she would rather not know. Unable to confront her hideous suspicions about Dr. Jekyll, Mary ultimately proves the lengths to which she'll go to protect him. Through her astute reflections, we hear the rest of the classic Jekyll and Hyde story, and this familiar tale is made more terrifying than we remember it, more complex than we imagined possible.
  • Morrow, James

    Only Begotten Daughter

    Call it a miracle or an accident at the sperm bank. But Julie Katz, the half-sister of Jesus, has been born to a celibate father. Soon poor Julie is tempted by the Devil and challenged by neo-Christian zealots-and that’s just the beginning of her fantastic odyssey through Hell, a seceded New Jersey, and her own confused soul. Winner of a 1991 World Fantasy Award.
  • Stith, John E.

    Redshift Rendezvous

    PASSENGER GUIDE: The environment aboard a hyperspace craft is quite safe as long as you are careful. The management reminds you that the speed of light on board this craft is ten meters per second, or about 30 million times slower than what you are used to. This means you will frequently encounter relativistic effects and optical illusions... "The list of science fiction authors who play the game the hard way by sticking to the rules of science is all too short. Now to that group which includes Clarke, Niven, Asimov, Bear, and Clement should be added the name of John E. Stith." – Dan Simmons
  • Yolen, Jane

    White Jenna

    World Fantasy Award for Best NovelALA Best Books for Young AdultsBook Two of the Great Alta SagaJenna was the White Queen.Skada was the Dark Queen. She is bound to Jenna—the other half of Jenna’s self. Drawn out of a mirror by a rite of magic, a “dark sister” is confined to the dark. She vanishes in daylight. It is in this other world the dark sisters wait for moonlight or lamplight to call them forth again.This is their story: of myths turned real, ordinary people turned heroes, a land turned inside out by the coming of White Jenna.
  • Barnes, John

    Orbital Resonance

    For the last thirty years, the survivors of the collapse has tried to exist Earthside. Space colonies like the Flying Duthman offer the last and best hope for the mother planet's future; the adolescents on board the Dutchman really are humanity's last hope, but knowing is a heavy burden - especially for Mel who has plans of her own.
  • Cadigan, Pat


    In Synners, the line between technology and humanity is hopelessly slim. A constant stream of new technology spawns crime before it hits the streets; the human mind and the external landscape have fused to the point where any encounter with "reality" is incidental.
  • Gibson, William & Sterling, Bruce

    The Difference Engine

    1855: The Industrial Revolution is in full and inexorable swing, powered by steam-driven cybernetic Engines. Charles Babbage perfects his Analytical Engine and the computer age arrives a century ahead of its time. And three extraordinary characters race toward a rendezvous with history—and the future: Sybil Gerard—a fallen woman, politician’s tart, daughter of a Luddite agitator Edward “Leviathan” Mallory—explorer and paleontologist Laurence Oliphant—diplomat, mystic, and spy. Their adventure begins with the discovery of a box of punched Engine cards of unknown origin and purpose. Cards someone wants badly enough to kill for…. Part detective story, part historical thriller, The Difference Engine is the collaborative masterpiece by two of the most acclaimed science fiction authors writing today. Provocative, compelling, intensely imagined, it is a startling extension of Gibson’s and Sterling’s unique visions—and the beginning of movement we know today as “steampunk!”From the Paperback edition.
  • Barnes, John

    A Million Open Doors

    Nou Occitan is a place where duels are fought with equal passion over insults and artistic views alike. Giraut--swordsman, troubador, lover--is a creature of this swashbuckling world, the most isolated of humanity's Thousand Cultures.But the winds of change have come to Nou Occitan. As the invention of the "springer"--instantaneous interstellar travel, at a price--spreads throughout the human galaxy, the stability and purity of no world, no matter how isolated, is safe. Nor can Giraut's life remain untouched. To his wonder, his is about to find himself made an ambassador to a different human world, a place strange beyond his wildest imaginings.
  • Fowler, Karen Joy

    Sarah Canary

    When an enigmatic woman cloaked in black wanders into a Chinese labor camp in the Pacific Northwest of 1873, one man is chosen to lead her out into the woods. But soon, he becomes the enchanted follower. Thus begins a magical journey. . . .
  • Park, Paul


    Paul Park's Nebula-nominated novel is an extraordinary, challenging work about a human colony on an alien world. "A Martian Chronicles for the nineties possessed of a haunting power."--Locus.
  • Williams, Walter Jon


    Aiah has learned that plasm is more than an energy source. It resonates within the human mind, giving power to heal and to kill. So when she finds an undiscovered, unlimited supply, she dares to meet with the powerful Metropolitan known as Constantine, a mysterious rebel with plans. Together they can use the plasm to rally forces to overthrow the government.
  • Wolfe, Gene

    Calde of the Long Sun

    Inspired by the gods, young Silk fights for survival against he shadowy rulers of the city of Viron, who command the technological wonders of the future. Reprint. NYT.
  • Hoffman, Nina Kiriki

    The Silent Strength of Stones

    It is a season of many wonders, with many secrets ripe for discovering ...and some best left in shadow, unexplored. Summer has come to Sauterelle Lake. And inquisitive young Nick is discovering many things he doesn't want to know: About a pretty girl with hypnotic eyes who talks to his soul... About a wild creature--a wolf--whose features shine with an intelligent, un-lupine knowing... About a strange, inhospitable family occupying a cabin that is meant to be empty. This summer, nature's magic is not the only sorcery traveling on the wind. And the real trick will be surviving until the autumn.